Happening Inside the City

Wanna keep informed but don’t have time to read an article?  Take it in at a glance, these are the top news stories in the city right now.


  • Governor Robert Bentley just created a council to study opioid addiction and abuse



  • Governor Bentley is also refusing to release documents that might help speed up his impeachment. A spokeswoman for Governor Bentley said Thursday that the materials “will not be made public at this time.”



  • Shopaholics everywhere! Eastchase is expanding, new stores coming soon.



  • The Alabama Unemployment rate has risen to 6.5%


  • Todd Strange Gives Very Optimistic State of the City Address: “We Will be Unstoppable”


  • Marquis Blount has ben Found Guilty of Robbery; He will be given Life in Prison


  • Mayor Todd Strange has hired a suspended judge to help him with city investigations