Montgomery Police Department gives presents to 35 families


On Thursday, the Montgomery Police Department teamed up with businesses in the area to provide gifts to 35 families that might not have had a Christmas otherwise.

Children were given Disney DVDs, train sets, and American Girl dolls. Each of the families were also given a trio of games: Scrabble, Yahtzee and Jenga.

The families were chosen by local organizations such as Walmart, the boys and girls scouts of America, Walmart, an several others the wish to remain anonymous. The families arrived at the police station to find the gifts waiting for them.

Merry Christmas!

Montgomery Shooting leaves 1 injured

A Baltimore Police officer stands behind crime scene tape at the scene of a police-involved shooting following a dispatch for a burglary in progress, reported near S. Chester Street and Bank Street in southeast Baltimore. A suspect was shot, while another was taken into custody as investigators pore through evidence. (Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun)

An Adult male was injured Friday, after being shot on the 4300 block of Matterhorn street.

He was immediately transported to a nearby hospital, and is now in stable condition.

It is unclear what caused the shooting, and no arrests have been made at this time.

Please stay safe this holiday season :\

Montgomery Humane Society Has Influx of Puppies. Offers Low Adoption Prices as a Result!


The Montgomery Humane society is pleading with residents to come and adopt a puppy or two. Although the center was completely cleared out of puppies on Monday, it has taken in dozens more in the past few days.

As a result, pets can now be adopted for prices as low as $25. A spokeswoman from the center was quoted saying: “It’s great enough where we’re running a special where all of our adult cats and adult dogs are $25. It is an ideal time to adopt at a very low rate considering the amount of veterinarian care we put into the pets,”

These furry animals need good homes, and if you are in a position to provide that, then you could be having a very merry Christmas.



2 Children Brutally Injured in South Alabama Sexual Torture Case


On Monday night, 911 was called to a home in Greenmore community to respond to a medical emergency. When police arrived, they found two siblings, severely beaten and in critical condition.

An investigation was promptly launched, and Jonathan Smith, 33 years old was arrested; the next day, Michelle Smith, 30 years old was also arrested. Both suspects are related to the victims.

Jonathan and Michelle Smith were charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse (family), two counts of sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12 and two counts of sexual torture. They remain at Butler County Jail, bail is set at 1 million dollars.

The children are now at a hospital in Birmingham being treated for their injuries, reports say they are recovering well.

Eastchase is expanding! New Stores coming soon.


A little good news for those who love to shop. The Shoppes at Eastchase will begin work on a new project this month. The project will be called Eastchase Central, and will be located across from Target on Eastchase Parkway. The company expects to finish construction and hold a grand opening in late fall 2017.

ASU President fired: There’s More


The following is a letter sent to the ASU’s board by its former chairman urging them not to fire its president: Mrs. Gwendolyn Boyd. The fact that they did anyway begs the question, why?

A letter to the board of ASU

ASU President fired


Gwendolyn Boyd, President of ASU, was fired earlier today. The vote was 8-6, and was taken for Boyd’s failure to “maintain the confidence of the Board.”

Pressed for comment, Boyd said she was, “trying to grow out the revolving door and all of the issues that continue to surround it. I thought we were moving in the right direction. I really do feel for the students. I think they deserved a greater chance. But I wish the students and the university all the best.”

Governor Robert Bentley, who as head of the state is also head of all public university state boards was not in attendance at the meeting. His office said he had no comment on the termination.

“I love Alabama State. I love the students and faculty, and I hope they will continue to move forward and do great things”-Gwendolyn Boyd


Robert Bentley: More Scandal


Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is refusing to release a set of documents to the press, a set of documents he recently turned over to an impeachment committee.

A spokeswoman for Bentley said Thursday that the materials “will not be made public at this time.”

Twenty three lawmakers signed impeachment articles against governor Bentley after his wife recorded and released audio of him making explicit comments to Rebekah Mason, an employee in his administration. The Governor admitted to having made inappropriate remarks, but denied having a “sexual” affair with the staffer. Reminding us a lot of this moment in American political history:


Now Governor Bentley is refusing to release certain documents, regarding his impeachment, to the press. Claiming that they are not a matter of public record; strange behavior from a man claiming to have nothing to hide.

Montgomery Pastors host Christmas event to help the needy


This season, several ministries within our city are teaming up in an effort to show what Christmas is really about.

Pastor Lale’Tia Hale is spearheading the effort, teaming up with fellow church leaders all over the city  in an effort to help as many people as possible, for the glory of Christ. Hale recently relocated his church, True Church of God Love and Faith Ministry to the West side of the city, because he wants to show those involved in crime, a better way to live.

“We have to do good more often. We have to do good because of the communities being so broken and in a cultural backside, cultural decline. We have to be able to reach out and help some of that and strengthen some of that. We need to take some of the stigma and stereotypes off of communities like the area we’re in here. People don’t really see that good can come out of this,” Hale said.

Hale is hosting a four day event, starting next Wednesday to help those in need and share the gospel with those in need of healing.

“We want to just draw people at this event to know that we can come together as a people, church, and community to do better and to make changes for our community,” He explained.”

Here is a full list of the events:

Dec 21-Food giveaway 2-5pm (3808 South Court Street)

Dec 22- Shoe Giveaway (new & used) 2-5pm (3808 South Court Street)

Dec 23- Clothing giveaway (new & used) 2-5pm (3808 South Court Street)

Dec 24- Christmas Eve Celebration 5pm (Elations Events, 165 Eastern Blvd at Atlanta Crossing)

The event is free and open to the public, however donations and volunteers are needed and would be greatly appreciated.

Please call Pastor Hale at 334-657-2186 for more information.

More people died from Heroin overdoses than gun homicides in 2015


The center for disease control just released data showing that more Americans died from over ingesting heroin than from gun violence last year. Eight years ago, deaths from gun homicides outnumbered deaths from heroin overdose almost 5 to 1. Yet tragically, last year, a spike in  drug overdoses caused deaths from heroin to slightly outnumber the number of deaths due to gun violence.imrs

Here at The Insider, we believe the solution is better and more accurate education about the effects and consequences of illegal drug use. The media has recently begun to glorify drug use, and has lead us to be lax in our attitudes towards hard drugs and those who sell them.

The facts are: Illegal drugs are poisons, they kill. They separate fathers and mothers from children, and children from parents long before their time is up. It is not “cool,” it is deadly, and until our perceptions of these poisons change, the death rate will not.

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