Chinese Lunar New Year Festival Friday!

– Great Visuals & Fun Local Story of an Exotic Happy Celebration Full of Students/Chinese Nationals Celebrating the Lunar New Year –

WHEN: TODAY (Friday/Jan. 17) , from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

WHERE: ASU’s Hardy Student Center, first floor – past the Book Store, in its Student Cyber Lounge.

Don’t miss out on what will be the most visually appealing and fun story in the River Region that is happening TODAY, which is the Chinese Lunar New Year Festival at Alabama State University, which is sponsored by Troy University’s Confucius Institute and ASU’s International Affairs & Diversity Office.


Over 100 students and Chinese nationals will be in attendance for such fun items as a cultural fair, performances, Chinese food, martial arts and so much more. The event will offer you the FUN & SIZZLE that your news consumers desire — and it allows you to localize a world event celebrated this upcoming week by billions of people.


Send a reporter or photog to Alabama State University on Friday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. and I will be present to assist them get the right interviews, have access to the perfect visuals and even snack on an egg roll, as I make sure that their time at the event is quick and well spent!

This is a wonderful example of a news feature story that will have awesome visuals of  one of the world’s most exotic happy celebrations happening right here in the Gump.


The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year is the grandest festival in China, and is a seven-day long holiday. This celebration is dominated by iconic red lanterns, loud fireworks, massive banquets, parades, and the festival  triggers exuberant celebrations across the globe like the one at ASU on Friday.

In 2020, the Chinese New Year festival begins now through Jan. 25, and it honors 2020 as the Year of the Rat according to the Chinese zodiac. Like Christmas in Western countries, the Chinese New Year is a time to be home with family, drinking, cooking, and enjoying a hearty meal together. All streets and lanes are decorated with vibrant red lanterns and colorful lights which marks the Lunar New Year.

News media contact: Kenneth Mullinax, 334-229-4104.


Dear ASU Leader:
Tune in to WSFA TV 12 today at 11 a.m. to see Alabama State University featured on it honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) AND on other live TV shows on Tuesday, Friday and back-to-back on MLK-Day (next Monday/Jan. 20).
ASU is proud to share with the world the great legacy of Dr. King and his movement, and that he was no stranger to the ASU campus for the years that he and his family were our neighbors on South Jackson St. To that end, we reveal in celebrating and honoring Dr. King and Montgomery’s important civil rights history and the University’s leadership role in it. 
We have booked the following live television shows to honor the national MLK holiday and to showcase ASU’s events and scholars highlighting Dr. King’s important place in America’s history.
ASU’s Citywide MLK Celebration on Friday at the Davis Theater will be featured today on WSFA TV 12’s Alabama Live Show with Tonya Terry at 11 a.m. The University’s archivist and a noted civil rights expert, Dr  Howard Robinson, as well as the founder of ASU’s MLK Celebration, Dr. Tommie Stewart, will appear on the segment.
ASU’s Citywide MLK Celebration on Friday at the Davis Theater will be featured Tuesday on the Alabama News Network’s TV 32 during its 11 news show. The founder of ASU’s MLK Celebration, Dr. Tommie Stewart, will appear on the segment.
The ASU MLK Citywide Celebration at the Davis Theater will be featured on Friday at 6 a.m. on the WAKA TV 8 early morning news to remind local viewers to attend it that day.
On the actual MLK Holiday (Jan. 20), please tune in to both WSFA TV 12’s Alabama Live Show with Tonya Terry at 11 a.m and/or the WAKA TV 8 Noon News with Ellis Eschew as one of ASU’s nationally acclaimed MLK scholars, Dr. Derryn Moten (chair of the ASU Dept. of History & Political Science) appears on both shows back-to-back.
Anyway you look at it; “It’s a Great Time to be a Hornet!”
Kenneth Mullinax, Jr.

Here’s exactly how much the Sussexes were financially dependent on the Crown. And here’s what has changed.

-Written by Israel Afangideh-

As soon as Sussex announced their decision to step back from being senior members of the royal family, siting a need for financial independence, there were many reactions to the news. 

But there were certain questions, no one was asking, namely: How much exactly were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex dependent on the Crown, how much did that affect their autonomy, and what has now changed. 

Before we begin, it is Important to note the following: 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were formerly prohibited from earning ANY income, other than the income given to them by the Duchy of Cornwall, controlled by Harry’s father. And the money given to them through the Sovereign grant, dispersed to them by Harry’s grandmother. 

Out of all the funds received from the crown,  by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, 95% came from the Duchy of Cornwall, under the direction of the Prince of Wales. While the remaining 5% come from the Sovereign grant.

But where does that money come from? The oldest son of the current British monarch gains control of the Duchy of Cornwall, at birth. And so Prince Charles, Harry’s father, is  the Duke of Cornwall, and controls the Duchy of Cornwall along with all of its Assets. As it turns out, these Assets are quite extensive, including 205.1 Square Miles of land, or 0.2% of land in the United Kingdom. These are farming, residential, or commercial properties, which are rented out, and bring constant revenue to the duchy. The Duchy also has special legal rights, and privileges. For example, the property of  anyone who dies in the county of Cornwall, without any identifiable heirs, automatically becomes the property of the duchy of cornwall. And any company that is registered in cornwall, and then dissolved, forfeits its assets to the duchy of cornwall. It is some of this revenue that was being used to cover Harry and Meghan’s expenses. 

Similarly, The Queen’s estate generates revenue from land and other assets, although much larger in scope. 

All of these revenues from the Crown Estate are surrendered to the British government. Specifically, HM Treasury, (Her Majesty’s Treasury, sometimes referred to as The Exchequer, or The Treasury.) The British government department responsible for fiscal and economic policy in England.  

From that money, a percentage, usually about 10-25% is given back to the Queen for her use in performing the duties she and the rest of the royal family is responsible for, and maintaining property and assets which belong to the royal family. 

See the chart below:

So, for example, from 2017-2018, £329 million was surrendered by the Crown Estate, to the British Government, and subsequently. £82 million was given back to the Queen to cover the expenses of her office in 2019 . 

And from 2018-2019, £343 million was surrendered by the Queen’s estate, and it has been announced that the sovereign grant for 2020-2021, will be £85 million.

Sussex has chosen, to no longer receive any money from this grant. Which covered 5% of their expenses. Or to receive any money from the Duchy of Cornwall, which covered the other 95% of their expenses. 

As for travel expenses, the Sussexes have issued a statement saying: 

“All travel arrangements undertaken by The Duke and Duchess in their private time have always been and will continue to be paid for privately and not by UK taxpayers.”

The only expenses of the Sussexes, which will still be covered by the Crown, are security expenses, which is mandated by the Home office. In addition to being mandatory, the government of the UK does not disclose the cost of security, as stated on its website:

“No breakdown of security costs is available as disclosure of such information could compromise the integrity of these arrangements and affect the security of the individuals protected. It is long established policy not to comment upon the protective security arrangements and their related costs for members of the Royal Family or their residences.”


MPD Charges Suspect in Sam’s Club Shooting and Theft


The Montgomery Police Department has charged the suspect in the Oct. 2 shooting and theft involving an MPD officer.

MPD charged Willie Thomas Luckie Jr., 53, of Montgomery with one count each of attempted murder and first-degree robbery. Luckie was taken into custody this morning by the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force and was transported to the Montgomery County Detention Facility.

At about 4:45 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019, MPD responded to the 1000 block of Eastern Boulevard in reference to a theft. Upon arrival, contact was made with the suspect in the parking lot of the business, and a struggle ensued. The suspect was able to flee from the officer, and as the suspect fled, he discharged a firearm before entering a vehicle and fleeing the scene. The officer was not shot, but sustained minor injuries during the struggle. The suspect vehicle was located a short time later and a suspect was taken into custody. MPD’s investigation determined, however, that the suspect located in the vehicle had no knowledge of the theft, did not enter the business or fire a weapon, and was the passenger in the vehicle when it fled.

Further investigation determined that a second adult male suspect, identified as Luckie, struggled with the officer, discharged the firearm, was responsible for the theft, and drove the suspect vehicle when fleeing from the scene.

The officer involved was treated and released from a local hospital.

Captain R.L. Duckett # 1173

Public Information Officer

Montgomery Police Department

My Millennial Mind: Formal Education vs Self-Education


Written by Tristan Holmes

Millennial Lifestyle Coach and Journalist

Montgomery, Alabama

In school I was taught how to take tests. I took notes, watched videos, listened to a teacher. While I am thankful for some of the teachers I’ve had in my life; I, along with the vast majority of my generation, have been denied proper education. I learned theorems and how to read a chart, I even know how to interpret the meaning of a poem. But where will that take me? Unless someone chooses a career in a very specific field that deals with theorems, how to read a chart, or how to interpret the meaning of a poem, that information is useless.

I was not taught how to appreciate the literature, just that there will be a quiz on chapters one through four on Friday, first thing in the morning. I stressed all night about the tests and the formulas and the facts. The true value of education was lost on me.

I’ve never really been an A student, more like a C…or D….sometimes even a F student. I HATED going to class every day and it had nothing to do with my peers. The lessons bored me to death. Math went over my head, English was fun until I had to diagram the plot of Othello, Science was kind of cool because I got to dissect animals, History was interesting before I had to memorize dates and places. Throughout my sixteen, almost seventeen, years of education I have been TOLD what to read and what to learn and HOW to learn it. After I got the information down, I think the assumption was that the information was permanently branded into my brain. Not so.

To me education is not just about the memorization of facts and figures to get the A+. For me to truly learn and understand something I NEED to go deeper than a fact. I MUST enjoy what I am learning. If I don’t enjoy it, then I won’t pay attention and won’t retain any of the information.

Millennial College Graduates: Young, Educated and Jobless


I get to college bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to start the next stage of my life…so I think. Come to find out college is just like high school, only I’m PAYING for it!! Thousands of dollars a year in loans and scholarships and grants being put into this degree. According to an article by Newsweek, millennials make up 40% of the unemployed in the US. An anonymous interviewee told Newsweek, “It’s hard, they don’t want to pay you extra for your master’s. There are enough people with master’s degrees that they can require them.” Fellow college attendees, this is our future.

The college classes still bore me. But I was raised in the era of Digital. I have more access and connectivity to the rest of the world than any generation before me. I can create a Twitter account and connect with fellow millennials that may be going through the same thing, or maybe watch a YouTube video about how to present myself in a job interview….OH WAIT!! There’s a new meme, I need to retweet it over and over. I just found a new cat video that’s just so darn cute!!…..this is MY generation, the people I have grown up with.

I rant and rave to say this: Formal education has done us, as a generation, a great disservice. We need to learn, really learn. We need to continue our education even after school. We should never want to stop learning new things. We’re up to date on what celebrities are getting divorced from who and who they cheated with, or where the Kardashians went on vacation. Wake up people!! We live in the greatest country in the world, at a time of fantastic opportunity. Instead of envying the Kardashians or everyone on the “Spraaang Breeeaaakkk” Snapchat story, go out and learn a skill that can take you to the beach, or Rome, or Argentina. We’re good at social media, and the world can learn from us as they adapt. Don’t be “lazy, entitled, or arrogant” like the Boomers think we are. Read more, get out and exercise, work hard, TALK……

Prove everyone wrong.



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