Citywide Suicide-Prevention & Anti-Depression Seminar WHEN: TODAY, March 30, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. WHERE: The ASU Hardy Student Center Ballroom The “R U GOOD?” program is dedicated to remind people to constantly ask their family and friends in a meaningful way “R U Good?” so they may help ascertain the state of their mental health and attempt to assist them in combating suicide and depression. … Continue reading R U GOOD?

You ain’t got no job, at least for a week, Tomi!

In an interview with “The View”, a certain blond has gotten in trouble for her view. This conservative woman is supposed to be the hard core right, Christian loving, white America branding, middle America spokeswoman. However, when her view is truly heard, she is suspended for it. She is feeling the suppression of her freedom of speech and thought. She has realized through getting suspended … Continue reading You ain’t got no job, at least for a week, Tomi!

Like Federal, Like State

    The Resignation of Governor Bentley:   There was a rumor that the governor of Alabama was resigning, he has been doing some “dark magic”, in terms of politics. He has somehow, he evaded meaningful investigations, gotten around the misuse of state and campaign funding, and has even been Clinton like in admitting misconduct with an advisor. However, Bentley has now told the people … Continue reading Like Federal, Like State

Are you too sensitive?

Words are nothing more than tools invented by human to communicate with one another. Each culture has its own way to communicate. In some languages there is an understood you, in other languages you needs to be defined. Just like the varies languages of culture, within the cultures people learn to define themselves using the tools given by the culture. How people use their tools (language) can be … Continue reading Are you too sensitive?

Who’s That Pokémon?

In 1996, little monster with awesome powers came to life in the hands of young millenials, while iGeniers watched fondly as their siblings, went stomping through the Kanto region. It all started with 150 Pokémon, the most famous of them of course was Pikachu. The yellow mascot that could kill with a zap of its scarlet red cheek pouches. I personally was still t young … Continue reading Who’s That Pokémon?

Trump Claims Obama Bugged His Tower

Mr. Trump has made some pretty interesting allegations about the former president. This is nothing like his birther allegations or any of his conspiracy theories. He is attempting to paint the 44th president of the United States as Mr. Nixon. If we remember our history lessons Nixon was the Watergate scandal ring leader. Nixon has been recorded as saying “When the President does it, it … Continue reading Trump Claims Obama Bugged His Tower