– Keynote speaker, Air University’s Dr. David Sorenson, International Security Studies expert, discussing Iran –

– Maxwell’s Lt. General Anthony Cotton presents opening remarks –

– Free & open to the public & the news media is welcomed to attend –

WHEN: Wednesday (Aug. 21), from 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.

WHERE: ASU Life Science Building Auditorium, 1627 Harris Way (old Hall St.).

Alabama State University will host the United States Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base’s quarterly River Region Forum on Wednesday (Aug. 21), from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. in ASU’s Life Science Building auditorium, which is located at 1627 Harris Way (old Hall St.).

Opening remarks will be presented by Lt. Gen. Anthony Cotton, commander and president of The Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base.

A myriad of military, civic, educational and government leaders, including members of the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, will hear keynote speaker Dr. David Sorenson, professor of International Security Studies at Maxwell’s Air War College, discuss the event’s topic, which is “Iran’s Strategic Calculations.”        

Sorenson is a nationally acclaimed academic expert and news source on the subject of international security and foreign relations, as evidenced by numerous interviews in such important news venues as The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, The Boston Globe, National Public Radio, Congressional Quarterly and The Washington Post.  He also is an official consultant for several U.S. government agencies and  frequently travels to the Middle East. Sorenson has written several books, along with articles, book-chapters and conference papers on Middle Eastern politics, defense budget politics and national security affairs.

News media contact: Kenneth Mullinax, 334-229-4104.


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