Montgomery County, Ala. – Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey announced today that Montgomery Police Department Sergeant Kenya A. Nunn is the recipient of the February “Officer of the Month Award.” The program was created to acknowledge the outstanding work of state, county and city law enforcement officers throughout the criminal court process.

Officers are nominated by MCDA Office staff, and the recipient is selected by a cross-departmental committee. Sgt. Nunn’s nominators cited her work on a domestic violence case involving a firearm discharged into an occupied vehicle:

 “Unbeknownst to our Violence Against Women Prosecution Unit, Sgt. Nunn was in Mississippi with her family laying her beloved uncle to rest when they contacted her about this case. She was also battling a severe bronchial infection. Nonetheless, she assigned the case to herself and upon her return worked diligently with our team and the victim to ensure that justice would be served.

This is just a small example of her dedication. Sgt. Nunn is always prepared for her cases, but more importantly, she is there for the victims. She has a great rapport with them, and always goes the extra mile to link them with community resources that can assist them, including agencies that can help provide safe housing and counseling.”

District Attorney Daryl Bailey said while the men and women in law enforcement do not look for accolades for doing their jobs, his office believes it is important to recognize these public servants for their exceptional service and the crucial role they play in keeping our community safe.

“We are pleased to recognize Sergeant Nunn as the February recipient of our Officer of the Month Award,” District Attorney Bailey said. “She is a fine example of the extraordinary services our law enforcement community provides, and we are grateful for her selfless dedication to his job and the citizens of Montgomery.”

Contact: Daryl Bailey, District Attorney


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