– Speaker Dr. Loretta Prater founded national movement after her unarmed son was killed in 2004 by police in Tennessee –
– Event sponsored by ASU’s Psychology Dept. & The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) –
– Free & open to the public –
WHAT: Two events discussing excessive use of police force causing deaths featuring “mother” of national movement & EJI experts.
WHEN: Both Wednesday & Thursday evenings, from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
WHERE: ASU’s Ralph Abernathy College of Education auditorium (1625 Harris Way) just past the Carter Hill road gateway.


The shootings of unarmed citizens by law enforcement both locally and nationally is a topic of great interest and concern to the public. Join us on both Wednesday and Thursday evenings at Alabama State University as the mother of the national movement against “Excessive Use of Force,” Dr. Loretta Prater, and a panel of experts speaks to the public and grant interviews to the news media on this important and current subject, which has recently impacted Montgomery, and locations across America.

At both events, Dr. Prater and experts from The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) discuss the need for and process of justice reform in America.

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As a mother who lost her own son to excessive use of force by law enforcement, Dr. Prater serves as a mentor and puts together myriad support circles for many other mothers whose unarmed children were killed by law enforcement. She is also the author of the book, “Excessive Use of Force: One Mother’s Struggle Against Police Brutality and Misconduct.” She will have a book signing after both events.The two events are both free and open to the public and are sponsored by ASU’s Psychology Dept. & EJI.
The first event is a panel discussion and takes place on Wednesday (Feb. 27) from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. in ASU’s Ralph Abernathy College of Education’s auditorium. This is a discussion on the topic of excessive use of force by a panel of experts from the Equal Justice Initiative that includes Dr. Loretta Prater, who is considered the mother of the movement after her unarmed son – Leslie Prater – was killed in 2004 by police officers in Chattanooga, Tenn.

The second event is a keynote speech by Dr. Prater that takes place on Thursday (Feb. 28) from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., which also takes place in in ASU’s Ralph Abernathy College of Education’s auditorium. At this event, Dr. Prater will present a topic titled, “Excessive Use of Force, Then and Now: A Mother of the Movement Speaks.

Her address chronicles the events in 2004 leading up to and the aftermath of the death of her unarmed son who was subjected to fatal violence by police officers. Dr. Prater’s presentation also will include research and personal experiences related to the broader issues of unjust deaths at the hands of police in America, and the need for reform.

As noted by Barry Scheck, civil rights attorney and co-founder of the National Innocence Project, “Loretta Prater is truly an exemplary ‘Mother of the Movement’ and her struggle for justice is important and instructive.”

For more information on the program, contact Dr. Lisa Cothran, sponsor of the event and ASU Psychology professor at 334-229-1334.
News media contact: Kenneth Mullinax, 334-229-4104.


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