Written by Israel Afangideh

Faulkner President Mike Williams announces Donald Trump, Jr. as the 2017 Benefit Dinner speaker.

Posted by Faulkner University on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

If you haven’t heard yet, Donald Trump Jr is coming to Faulkner University on Oct 5th this year. Donald Trump Jr. is the first son of President Donald Trump, he was born on December 31st 1977, and now runs The Trump Organization and all its subsidiaries with his brother Eric Trump and most pertinently, he will be speaking at Faulkner University’s annual benefit dinner, a program that helps raise scholarship money for current and future students of Faulkner University.

Naturally this decision has sparked a lot of discussion on both sides of the aisle, it has been the top news story of the day, and has caused a lot of discussion on Faulkner’s campus; and while I am no big fan of Donald Trump, (Senior or Junior) I AM a big fan of scholarships for college students. The truth is that this is a good thing for Faulkner University, and a good thing for Faulkner students.

Faulkner University is located in Central Alabama, it is a conservative Christian university, with conservative Christian supporters, and conservative Christian donors. Donald Trump Jr. will bring those people to the benefit dinner en masse, as well as people who do not currently support Faulkner University, and even people who may not have known much about the University before the event. While there, they will hear much about the university, its mission, and it’s plans for the future. Donald Trump Jr. will coax money out of their wallets, and the more that happens, the better it is for current and prospective Faulkner students, and the better it is for the institution as a whole.


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