The Resignation of Governor Bentley:


There was a rumor that the governor of Alabama was resigning, he has been doing some “dark magic”, in terms of politics. He has somehow, he evaded meaningful investigations, gotten around the misuse of state and campaign funding, and has even been Clinton like in admitting misconduct with an advisor. However, Bentley has now told the people of Alabama that “God” has appointed him to this station. By saying, “I have no intention of not doing what God has called me to do and that is serve the people of this state,” Bentley said in remarks reported by WBRC. The Republican party is really having some trouble running this great state, and by extension this nation. This goes for the federal government as well. Trump is currently fighting all types of rumors and allegations in the White House right now, Alabama seems to be a reflection of America as a whole, honestly. Birmingham’s liberal policies being attacked by conservative seat of power, Montgomery. The leader of the former rebel state is somehow STILL in office, and the our budget is being slash and bent over just to meet the needs of a balanced state budget. Just like in the nation’s throne city- liberal states fighting with the capital over policy, POTUS is losing all credibility in the White House, and the Social Safety Net programs are all feeling the heat. They say if you want to know what is going on in national politics, just magnify local politics. Honestly this is very interesting to watch unfold. Let’s just keep a vigilant eye on our state and our nation.


By A. Carter



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