Words are nothing more than tools invented by human to communicate with one another. Each culture has its own way to communicate. In some languages there is an understood you, in other languages you needs to be defined. Just like the varies languages of culture, within the cultures people learn to define themselves using the tools given by the culture. How people use their tools (language) can be defined in multiple ways, the most simple are insensitively and sensitively. Some people are deemed as insensitive to the plights and hidden messages of others, then again there those who’s words are taken as too sensitive looking to deep at shallow word play. However, there is one understanding that both types of people need to understand. The insensitive person may need to pass his own perception of life. While the overly sensitive person may need to open his world view to that of others.

An insensitive person may often be called cold or mean, even negative. While they may view themselves as a realist who has no need for facades of colorful words to mask their meaning. For example texting is the simple way of word communication. These types of people usually are forced to hide behind “lol’s ” and “Lmao’s” to soften the blow of their words. However, when this is done their personality is hindered. They are not allowed to express themselves without some attached sense of guilt. They can not say how they feel because an “lol” is just a meaningless lip service to the receiver of the message. When in reality they mean what they say ,but not to hurt the person’s sensitive feelings they attach these letters; that only conclude to the illusion that they do not truly mean what they say. When in truth they mean their words, but it is the guilt that they are being insensitive that drives them to hide behind meaningless letters.  This person may need to learn that everyone has a different way they intake words. While not compromising their own words it could be helpful if they were to be more understanding of emotions.

In comparison, the sensitive. They tend to be self righteous and want everyone to feel their emotions. People who speak two different languages will not understand one another without a translator.  This is where sensitive people go wrong. Those who are sensitive usually want someone to understand them but rarely put in the effort to understand anyone else. They usually want to claim that someone is a bully or elitist but they truly don’t know how they came up with this conclusion. Their self righteous motives brings them to understand the world only from their perspective and causes them to be reactive verses proactive. These people should come out of their own worlds and involve themselves with the world around them, so that they could learn and experience what it means to truly connect to people.

There are two sides to every story. Then there are the sides that are not spoken – the sides that neither the sensitive or insensitive see. The sides that the world is not black and white but colored. The hues of indifference is what they need to understand. Both people need to see that the world is not just their universe but a universe filled with other people and their perception.



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