In 1996, little monster with awesome powers came to life in the hands of young millenials, while iGeniers watched fondly as their siblings, went stomping through the Kanto region. It all started with 150 Pokémon, the most famous of them of course was Pikachu. The yellow mascot that could kill with a zap of its scarlet red cheek pouches. I personally was still t young to truly appreciate Pokémon at the time. As I clicked through the story line, barely grasping the concept that Team Rocket was an evil organization. I used my over powered Blastoise to destroy my opponents the whole way through the game.

I got older  and another generation released. This one I could truly appreciate, Pokémon Gold/ Silver. I, along with millions of other kids, started a new journey in the Jhoto region. Singing the Pokémon theme song as we, “wanted to be better than all the rest”. It was amazing me ,along with Feraligatr , captured Pokémon across the Kanto and Jhoto region (bulleting through the region via Saffron and Goldenrod City). I still remember how hard Whitley’s Miltank was to beat! I literally hated her and the move Rollout.  As time went on I slowly grew out of Pokémon, I could not recognize Hoenn region Pokémon as easily. However, I managed to play the games for a time.

Even after a few more games were released, and I like a loyal Pokémon trainer would buy the game, but tire of them quickly. Until last year, a new game released. Pokémon Sun and Moon, along with Pokémon Go. Not only had my childhood dreams come true, in the game I could truly become Champion and defend my title, but I could catch Pokémon in the real world. This all could be done at the same time. To the lost Pokémon trainers out there who have given up their journey and settled in various places like Viridian City or Blackthorn Town, I ask you who’s that Pokémon? The new types and various combinations have made the game fun again.

I truly like the interactions between trainer and Pokémon. I like to groom them after a hard battle with my rivals. I even battle my real life rivals, my brother and my oldest friend, to determine who has what it takes to be the best in our own make believe Pokémon League. To all the older trainers out there, pick a copy of the new game! You can even download the originals via digital copies. It’s well worth the time and effort. Explore the new islands of the Pokémon universe- then tell me who’s that Pokémon.


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