In a time when race (and citizen) relations mimic 10 years prior to the Civil War, we ask ourselves “Can we make America whole again?”. America has had its shares of ups and downs. Genocide, slavery, and corporate corruption speckle our country’s history like stars on a blue field. How do we begin to become whole? America is home to many people who see themselves as “us and them”. People will band together on any commonality be it skin tone, economic status, or culture. This idea of separatism keep Americans from seeing the true problem with our society. So many people are so worried about ruffling feathers and not taking a chance that they stray away from words or actions that could benefit the community as a whole.

It is no secret that the N word is a glorified two syllable word for peasants and slaves. Some Blacks feel offended when they hear the word, because they have the mind set that no one should utter the letters. However, they are totally comfortable calling a Muslim terrorist or looking a woman as a sexual object. They are totally comfortable defaming a person based on the social status, and even feel as though they are better than other people. Some of us tell the truth others proclaim the truth. Then there are those who want to play the fence.  What these people lack is the ability to see outside the realm of words. They feel as though they are judges of how someone should or shouldn’t react to a situation. This is hypocrisy at its greatest.

Who are you to tell a person that a situation of micro-aggression is not racism rearing its ugly head. Some people will use public servants like lap dogs to fulfill their prejudice agendas. There are people who will side with them and claim they see their points. When in reality they are just as guilty of stereotyping their own people. So let’s all be real for a moment. Rather than throwing a story off the roof as sensitive cry story, really listen. Do not be scared to ruffle feathers, I am sure the person’s story who needs to be heard would fight for you just as hard. Lets stop being sensitive and start being real.


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