Mr. Trump has made some pretty interesting allegations about the former president. This is nothing like his birther allegations or any of his conspiracy theories. He is attempting to paint the 44th president of the United States as Mr. Nixon. If we remember our history lessons Nixon was the Watergate scandal ring leader. Nixon has been recorded as saying “When the President does it, it is not illegal”, this is the image that Mr. Trump is attempting to relay about Mr. Obama. He claims that Mr. Obama bugged his tower. He claims that the Obama Administration illegally investigated him during the campaign last year.

There are two reasons why this story is scary. President Trump literally has no solid proof of this claim. He has claimed other things that have not happened just within the last month, ask Sweden. Americans are slowly scratching their hands when ever the twitter fingers of Trump start to thumb. He keeps crying wolf! If Mr. President is lying, then what are Americans to think about him? We have already had a massive amounts of government mistrust during the Obama Administration, remember WikiLeaks and Snowden. The people will no longer trust their leader. Without trust there is no relationship. The relationship between Trump and the nation will be forever altered, not just with him, but the Office of the President of the United States will be seriously doubted if he is lying.

The other reason why this is an issue is, if true, why would Mr. Obama do this(if he did, he abused executive power, this an FBI type of thing)? Was he just being a prick? Could the former president have been scared of what Trump claims he knew about the Obama Administration? Then again, the Trump Administration is being suspected of Russian allegiance. One of his followers, Flynn, for Russian talks; Sessions is now being accused of Russian intermingling.  There have been subliminal memes online that depict the Russian leader and Trump groping each other, is this true? Could the former president have known something, We the People did not know? This is truly a murky time for the Executive Office- should we trust Mr. Trump?


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