Every young person loves to look their absolute best. Not just the young, but the middle aged and old want to be appealing, as well. Here are 5 tips to staying “fresh”:

  1. Smelling good- Okay, so this one seems pretty obvious. Yet,  we have all been guilty of neglecting personal hygiene at some point in our lives. Make sure your teeth, hair, and body odors are in check. If that means carrying a tooth brush to work, buying a stronger deodorant, or washing your hair more frequently- then do it. No one likes unpleasant smells to strangle their breathing air. For those of us who struggle with body odor, just buy some fragrance oils from your local beauty store or gas station along with Arm & Hammer deodorant, trust me it works. For those of us conscious about our breath, try brushing three times a day with Crest Complete, and don’t forget to floss once a day (along with mouth wash-antiseptic)
  2. Grooming- This is one I have had personal trouble with, especially with little money while in college.  People judge every dog hair, out of place beard hair, dirt spec, and stain they see on your skin and clothing. As a man I have invested in shaving kits to keep my facial grooming habits in check, Bevel shave kit seems to do the trick. It’s a little expensive however it will keep the hair bumps at bay and have you looking crisp for any occasion. The type of soap a person uses is also a key part of how a person is perceived. If soap is harsh it will leave skin looking dry and in need of moisture. Typically natural soap are the best to use. Ones without fragrances. The natural soap with leave skin soft and the non fragrance variety will not aggravate sensitive skin. It will also heal cuts and scars better. I typically use African Black Soap, it will clear up most non-medical skin conditions. Hair, for those of us with dreads and large afros, hair is something that everyone sees. It is also expensive to keep up. The best way to keep hair nice though is to keep it clean. This can be accomplished by weekly washing and blow drying. Also, oil the hair. Using Jamaican castor oil with fragrances like mango and amla will make hair smell nice and feel moisturized all day, also use olive oil lotion to keep hair conditioned while softened for a better look. Nails-men must have clean nails. trust me dirty nails are a turn off for any woman! Invest in a small nail kit from the dollar store. If you’re really into it go to a nail salon and get the mani-pedi, it feels amazing. They will have you feeling like the President of the United States -have you ever shaken a politician’s hand, feels like a baby’s bottom.
  3. Clothing- Everyone has their own style. For that reason this won’t be style advice. However, it is nice to match clothing relatively well. For example, the lime green pants may not look so well with the bright blue and orange button down you bought the other day on Amazon. Attempt to match clothes with complementing colors. This way you won’t look like you just hopped out of a kindergartener’s Powerpuff Girls coloring book. Also, remember black shoes- black belt. Brown shoes- brown belt. Click on link to see a full explanation on fashion complementary colors from stylenote.com: http://thestylenote.com/2013/04/09/styling-101-color-combinations Hint: make sure clothing is clean wash every week or so.
  4. Wash your face- Seriously guys, wash your face. Washing the face will keep dirt and oil from building up. The build up will cause massive breakout in the skin. Be sure to also drink plenty of water, that surprisingly helps with breakouts- as I have found. Using a good facial cleanser will help those of us who have bad acne problems, however regular soap does the trick just as good. Washing the face thoroughly, getting in the groves of the nose and behind the ears will prevent small scaring and pimples from accumulating.
  5. Be comfortable- This may seem weird but being comfortable is very important when attempting to be fresh. If you’re not comfortable it will show through your daily habits and routines. Find a routine that goes well with you. If you like showering in the morning and then getting ready for your day, do that. If you like to shower at night, just make sure you take care to wash your face and refresh your yourself when you wake up. If you like basketball shorts, make sure they are clean. You don’t have to look like you’re going into a business meeting everyday. Make sure clothes fit. Not excessively baggy, this isn’t the 90’s and not too tight; yes I mean you Mr. Print and buttocks. Being comfortable with yourself and clothing will help you remain fresh.

Give these tips a try tell me how they work for you!



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