Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama. It has a big say so over what happens in the state. In comparison to its more northern counter part, Birmingham it is much smaller in size and population. Birmingham has been seeking to do several liberally progressive incentives in the past few years. However, Montgomery continues to block the efforts of Birmingham city legislative goals. For example, Birmingham has not fully declared it self a sanctuary city.

Yet, it has shown that it is in favor of doing things that are in line with Democratic policies, such as relieving pressure on aliens who are not registered in the city. The city will not openly seek out those who are not registered (immigrants) or citizens. Another attempt by Birmingham has been to raise wages for the city which has an average per income of 20,000 dollars for the average worker. Montgomery, the capital city, uses its power to control Birmingham legislator and policy by blocking progressive ideals.

There have been many claims that Birmingham, being predominantly Black (and having a much larger population) is being subjugated through legislative power by Montgomery. By keeping the wages low, immigration strict, cutting up voting districts, and controlling economic prospects in Birmingham, Montgomery is able to economically and politically control the northern city.  Continue to follow legislative policies and see if you have an opinion over Birmingham, Montgomery rivalry. This is just the facts.


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