Everyone has been in relationships. Even though marriage  is the ideal relationship, and most respected, people engage in non-martial bond relationships as well. In both types of relationships insecurities can truly hinder interactions between partners.

Insecurities can include body image, sex, money, trust,  or even self worth. One partner can see their significant other as beautiful and sexy, while the other doesn’t even want to look in a mirror. How do we help our partners over come their insecurities?  Do we tell them how beautiful they are? Show them they are  intelligent and worth our attention?  What do we do?

That is something this author can’t really say. Every individual has their own insecurity. However, it is up to that individual to want to get over it. If they are insecure about sex and they want a sexual relationship with their partner, then they should be open about it. Tell their partner what makes them insecure. Is it their body, fear of rejection,  or is it painful for them (physically or mentally) ? If they are insecure about their body share exactly why they feel insecure. Share that they feel they have to much or to little of something. Sharing these ideas will help their partner understand their insecurities.

Once a partner understands he/she will be able to help. Be it helping with confidence boosters, like telling him/her they are beautiful. Buying the person new clothes that flatter them, could potentially help. Getting in shape together is an option for those who suffer body image problems. Exploring each other’s sexual secrets may help in the bedroom. Heck, counseling may be needed- your partner could be as supportive as possible by accompanying  to sessions or asking about it.

Either way the best way to get over insecurities is communication.  To communicate in a language that both halves understand just seems like it would work. Communication can come in a variety of forms; working out together, writing letters to one another, making videos, humans are inventive-use your imagination . So try new ways to communicate with your partner and defeat insecurities. These insecurities could potentially end something that could have been solved in a few months of communicating properly.


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