So it’s almost March, have you kept your promise to stay in the gym? Many people make promises to keep in shape, stop smoking, or to up/drop some habit during the holiday season. However,  the holidays are basically over and Santa is back at the work shop.  People are settling into 2017 watching and waiting on the new president to tweet something that will piss someone off. Yet, what are they doing with their lives?

You know the promise you made to be a better person, but you cursed the single mother who was late picking her son up from day care on Thursday . You promised to eat healthier but you were to lazy to thaw the chicken breast breast and boil the rice on Saturday, so you just ordered a pizza. You even wanted to get in shape so you forced your best friend to get a gym membership with you but you’re “to busy” to wake up before work (or class) to fulfill your physical needs. I’m not calling you an oath breaker but if the sword fits the hilt.

Come on people it’s time for us to keep our promises to ourselves. If we can’t keep our words to ourselves, who can we keep our word too?  If you’re the religious type then you may claim that it’s just not meant to be. Or rather, you claim it is not meant for you because your higher power has not designated it for you. However,  wouldn’t it make more sense to actually try to keep your WORD and see if you get the supernatural assistance you’re looking for?

If humans keep their promises and stay accountable, we would be so much better.  So this year attempt to keep your word to yourself. Instead of binge watching ‘Game of Thrones’ (new season coming this summer!!!!!!) take Spike on the walk you promised him at 11:59 on Dec 31, 2016. Take Martha to your local state park for a hike. Put down the cookie laced with artificial ingredients. It’s your life take charge. Keep your promises to yourself and you’ll slowly see your world change.


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