Written by Andre DeMorion Carter

Alabama’s legislator has been sitting on a new prison plan for about a year now. For some reason the state’s over crowded prisons only need more prisons to fix the problem. So why not build 8 new ones, closing 14 others in the process.

Alabama is a prison state. That’s no secret, with a high number of prisoners being of African descent. As we all know Alabama has a history of exploiting prison labor to replace slave labor.  This process commonly called “class to cell” pipeline has been in place sense the end of reconstruction. African Americans are punished with prison senetences that tend to be disproportionate to the crime. The prisoners are then exploited for cheap slave labor.

Alabama needs more prisons like a drug dealer needs more fiends. The bill proposed will funnel money into literal prisons but neglect rehabilitation programs that will actually deter prisoners from going back into the system of subjugation. In Alabama black lives matter, just as long as they can be counted on a chain gang. Black prisoners are the new negro of that peculiar institution of the OLD SOUTH.


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