Deer Creek Mosque Still not Here.

Last summer a story was reported upon by several local news stations. It regarded a mosque being built in the East Chase are along Deer Creek. Supposedly the East Montgomery Islamic Society wants to build a 6000 square foot mosque along the road.

After reading multiple article there were many mixed reactions to the idea of a Muslim religious center being built in the sparsly religious diversed area. Some reseidents seem to have an attitude of annoyance and uneasiness towards the idea. While others seem to have embraced the group’s attempt at joining the East Chase community permanently.

The mosque has not been built yet. It also seems as though there is no word on it’s future. There are several mosques within the Montgomery community,  which are integrated with their local areas. This one would likely be the same way.

How would you feel about a mosque being built next door? Would you participate in Eid or enjoy Ramadan? Islam has a lot of rich traditions and ideas that can be utilized even by non-Muslims.  There’s alot to learn from all religious groups, let’s hope these guys find a home soon.



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