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Since 2012, Islam in the United States has been damped by the actions of religious fanatics. Americans are struggling to over come the idea that followers of Islam are terrorist. According to statistics reported from globalresearch.ca, Muslim men and women commit less than 10 percent of all terrorism across the globe. There have been more Americans killed by  homicides than terrorism. It is also reported that White Supremacist have committed more attacks based on terrorist ideologies in the U.S. than have been religiously linked attacked. Terrorism is a serious deal. The people who have witnessed true terrorism have been Muslims themselves. Due to fanatics and alt-right Muslims they have been targets as nonbelievers. The idea that all terrorist are affiliated with Islam is sad. Most Islamic people only want to seek the cause of God and to bring peace where ever they go.

It is proven that more people have died from homicide in the U.S. than in the 99/11 attacks just within the same year (2012). So who are the true terrorist? Are the terrorist those who live within our own American neighborhoods? As far as domestic terrorism  goes, have we all forgotten about the terrorism against Black people  since the beginning of the great westward expansion by Europeans? Not blaming anyone for the slave trade or its consequences, however it was only within the last 50 or so years that mass lynching and terrorism among black Americans have went down look up (Tulsa Oklahoma Riots- Little Africa).  Memorials are springing up all around the U.S. with names of victims of these terrorist hate crimes. There are still many more who can not be named. This still does not add in police shooting and assault cases that many American blacks have to face on a daily basis.  So who truly are the terrorist?

Terrorism is based on perspective. Would we as American citizens deem drones randomly bombing our homes as acts of terrorism or acts of war? Let us ask the thousands of Middle Eastern people who have been victims of America’s (and other nations) war tactics. Total warfare, is the name of the game. Could it be deemed as terrorism by other standards? This article is not to apologize for the sick minded men and women who commit atrociousness in the name of Islam. Boko Haram and Al -Qaeda, have twist and perverted Islam. They are not true Muslims who seek the cause of God. God does not rule through oppressive fear. It is for men to fear God out of reverence, not out of punishment in the present life. If groups like these want to make people truly fear the Lord they should show themselves as true Muslims and follow the way of Abraham and the people of scripture. God knows what is good for us and we know that terrorism is not good for man.


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