Photos taken by Stephen Poff

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Yesterday,  TMI went down to speak with protestors at the Montgomery airport. Arriving right before dusk,  proud platoons of protestors were picketing behind red tape as airplanes took off into the sky. The protesters were loud and could be heard before they were seen. In mixed company,  the sqaud band together in unison. They were chanting phrases resembling those that could be heard on CNN and Fox. It was a humbling moment for The Insider to see strangers ban together for people they did not know.

We then asked the rude question, “why are you protesting?” Their reactions were brilliant and genuine to say the least. They knew  exactly why they were there. They knew why protesting was a matter of human respect- the respect our nation tends to demand. One protestor claimed “This is unconstitutional “, she went on to say that this is America and implied that this ban is truly unAmerican. This violates the 1965 National Orgins Act, in the minds of protestors.

This is is not the first time the U.S. has banned people from coming into the United States. After Haiti freed herself from France, there was a ban on the importation of African Slaves. The 1924 Immigration Act limited Southern and Eastern Europeans, along with Africans and totally disbarred Jews from immigrating into the nation. During World War 2 there was a ban on Jews, Japanese,  and Germans from entering via immigration. President Carter banned Iranians during the hostage crisis under his reign. Even as late as the 1980s, Ronald Reagan banned HIV positive people seeking life saving medical treatment were turned away from our borders- this sickness is devastating in African nations .Not saying this ban is right, however we have done it many times before.

What is suspicious is that the nations not on this ban list are Saudi Arabia and Nigeria both have had terrorist affiliations. However, they are both part of OPEC. The nation of Indonesia was not included on the ban either, it has the largest Muslim majority in the world. There are plenty of nations that are not on this ban list,  but will they be next?


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