President Donald Trump has been making claims of late to ban Muslims from entering the nation from certain areas. That’s okay, to an extent. It’s not like America hasn’t done it before. In World War Two we did the same thing to Germans and imprisoned the Japanese. However, they are nationalities not a religious group. He has mentioned that Muslim men and women will not be allowed to immigrate into the United States. This is an issue in and of itself. Not all Muslims are from the Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and other nations in conflict as of right now. Some of us are Eastern Europe, African, Eastern and Southern Asia, and South America. This is heart breaking to me. I thought this country loved me for who I am, a Muslim man of African decent who was born in America.  Honestly this article is not about separation. However, he is allowing some from the regions of Muslim majority nations in.

He is allowing Christians from the countries like Syria to come in to the United States. He is giving them preferential treatment. My guess is to make himself look good in front of Christian conservatives who may have voted him into office. Honestly that’s not a problem for me. The problem is, he is making a division between the good Muslim men and women who want a better life in the nations that are war torn, and the American people. He is making a rash judgement that Christians can not be terrorists. We all know that is not true. The Oklahoma bombing in the 90s tells us there are Christian extremists out there just waiting to punish America, just as bad as the Jihadists are.

Mr. Trump I urge you to recall this order. There are good Muslims out there who just want a better life. Just like the Christians in the poverty stricken nations we have been bombing for the last ten years, they just want to escape the life they were forced into. I pray that Mr. Trump realizes that America is a home and a beacon of light that all are drawn too. I pray he sees that my Muslim brothers and sisters want exactly what our Christian brethren want, peace. So this is not an article but a plea Mr. Trump, do not lead us to a road of discrimination or a world of Nazi Germany. You are in my prayers Mr. Trump- peace and blessing be upon you Mr. President.

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