Mr. Trump has been signing orders of the executive type since his first day in office.  Many of the orders he signed are reversing the plans of the last administration. For example, he has reverse the T.P.P (Trans Pacific Partnership) that expanded free trade into East Asian nations like Japan and China. China has already shown signs that it does not want to start trade wars with the U.S., especially with major U.S. companies like Wal-Mart producing products within the free market zones. China has interest in other parts of the world through  expansion programs in African nations and fellow East/ Pacific Asian countries.  The Chinese do not want to start tariff battles with the strong American monopoly on trade and currency over the globe. So there really is no reason why China would be too upset over losing a trade deal, even if we do owe them a couple of dollars.

President Trump has also took aim at NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). NAFTA includes the United States, Mexico and Canada. The deal currently allows free trade between the three European founded nations. Many of America’s manufacturers (think Ford) have benefited from moving their factories across the border. They have enjoyed low wages accepted by Mexican citizens, along with access to raw materials found south of the Mexican borders. Trump made this deal seem bad for American workers. However, he really just wants to expand the deal to include Great Britain. Then again, with the Mexican president snuffing him on a visit to Washington the Mexican leader just may fall off the wagon. This may prove to be  upsetting if China swoops in, like it’s doing the Philippines, and makes deals with Mexico expanding influence closer to the American border.

Honestly though, who needs Mexico? Yeah it’s access to cheap labor and raw materials, but what ever. Three of the world’s most advanced nations will be in a free trade agreement. The U.S. alone stands with a GDP of $17 trillion,  while the U.K. (GDP $2.8 trillion) and Canada (GDP $1.5 trillion) make up more than enough to be considered economic ball players in the global economy.  The North Atlantic Union (as it could be called) will hold The U.S., Canada , and the U.K. becoming its own European(ish) Union.  What will we call our selves? The U.K. and her successors will be a formidable alliance in the economic sphere of influence across the globe. Americans will likely prosper from the free trade agreement. Yeah, some goods will be over priced (made in China and Mexico) but the good out ways the bad. Just think about the possibilities of a free trade agreement that mimics the power of the empire that the Sun never set on.



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