Written by Antoine Stokes

Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as president of the United States on January 20, 2017.  Some Americans celebrated the inauguration as a joyful day. Other Americans felt as if the ceremony was a woeful and tragic experience. What is undebatable is that it was a turning point in American politics. The 2016 election was a clear victory for the conservative right wing. Some political scientists believe that Trump’s Victory was the outcome of a masterfully executed campaign strategy lead by   Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Others believe that the results of the election were more due to incompetence on the part of the Clinton campaign. In reality it was a healthy dose of both variables, rooted in the Democratic Party’s detachment from their rural working class base.

 The reason Trump won the 2016 election is complicated and will be analyzed by political scientists for generations. The more pertinent and pressing question to the average American is how to react to the transfer of power.  The fact that Trump lost the popular vote 62,979,879 to Clinton’s 65,844,954[i] is more than just a trivial point made by defensive liberals disenchanted by the election process. It shows that more American voters disagree with Trumps divisive politics, as opposed to the voters that support them. The 65,844,954 that voted for Hillary are obligated to continue to voice their opposition to president’s Trumps ideology.  While Trump’s administration is still in its infancy, already many protests have been conducted by those who feel disenfranchised.

America must be tolerant of the side that lost the election and respect the criticism it will produce. Without this criticism America will become the bar in the movie 1989 film Roadhouse before the arrival of Patrick Swayze’s character. Suppression of healthy criticism will create political atmospheres that can possibly lead to Trump and the GOP controlled government becoming unrestrained without a sense of order, morality, or accountability. President Trump must be forced to fulfill his campaign promises that benefit the country, but more importantly be prevented from those that infringe on American civil liberties. So although it might seem counter intuitive, criticism of President Trump is absolutely a vital part of America’s future success as a legitimate government.

[i]2016 Election Results


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