Urban Prep Academy 2010 Seniors accepted to colleges

On Thursday, The Montgomery Insider sat down with Ken Kilpatrick. Mr. Kilpatrick is the director of two inspiring inner city and rural programs. Hope A Field, which deals with the advantages of being outside and working towards a goal, and Compassion 21 an inner city out reach program that inspires young people to be great! While listening to the interview the words compassion and hope truly comes across the mind like a scrolled L.E.D. The ideas this man has are incredible. He wants to show people who would normally mistrust outsiders there are people who care.

The program has a lot of young adult support! Looking at the wall of happy children (pictures) it is clear to see how much joy this program truly brings these children. There was one thing missing from the wall though. Black men, this is not a race baiting article. It is more so a call out article. Hope A field and Compassion 21 mainly deal with young American Black  people in inner city settings. They inspire with the Word, which has no hue. However, the children to whom they reach out to do. Black men are needed for mentorship in this program. Black men with educations, business skills, involved in ministry,  or trades should be flocking to the organization as embassadors to a better life. We must show these young people that we are not some fable myth or unicorn, but are as numerous as the dust on the beach or stars scattered in the sky. We must support programs ,like this one and those like it,  that inspire young children, not just black. This way we can have a better image. The children will grow up in the image of good and hard working men.

Mr. Kilpatrick mentioned that new blood is needed in the program. The people who reach out to these young kids can only do so much, we have to be their inspiration. Compassion 21 (and Hope a Field) is a God sent program built on love, strength, courage, persistence, and commitment. We (Black men) must get off our butts and support children from the inner city populations. Most of us are from areas similar conditions to that of children who participate in the program. We must show them that we got out of the caged cycle and fought for ourselves and made our on way. Not every one is going to be sports star or entertainers. Not every one is going to be a lawyer or doctor. Not every one is going to be a millionaire. However, each one of us can be an inspiration (regardless of economic class) to  a young boy or girl.

Personal: As the writer, I can personally say, we are needed in this program Not all of us sag our pants or are excessively violent. Not all of us are ignorant to the world around us. We do not all believe that some power is trying to keep us down. We must lift ourselves up. We must be ourselves. I have dreads, talk with a twang, and refuse to fail. It is our obligation as Black men to uplift the Black community. Even if we feel it is not our duty, we must make it our duty. I want to show these children that you can be yourself and still be successful in a world where everyone thinks being Black is a curse, cantradciiting it is GIFT!  Be the light the leads them in the night. Be the glowing example on the mountain. Inspire, Believe, Acheive!! At the bottom of the page I have included a link to the website for more information.



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