Man Pays Sales Tax to DMV With 300,000 Pennies

Nick Stafford was ordered by the Department of Motor Vehicles to pay sales tax on two motor vehicles.

This came after he called the local DMV for some public telephone numbers, and was repeatedly ignored. When his call was finally accepted, the DMV refused to give him the itelephone numbers he needed. That was when Nick decided: “If they were going to inconvenience me then I was going to inconvenience them,”

He filed three lawsuits in Russell county general district court, two against specific government employees, and one against the DMV itself. However, the case was dismissed when a representative of the states attorney general handed Stafford a list of the requested phone numbers in person.

However Stafford was not impressed, saying:

“The phone numbers are irrelevant to me, I don’t need them. I told the judge ‘I think I proved my point here.’”

“I think the backbone to our republic and our democracy is open government and transparency in government and it shocks me that a lot of people don’t know the power of FOIA,”


He decided to continue his vendetta in a new way. he decided to pay his sales tax to the DMV in pennies.

Stafford hired 11 people to help him break open the paper rolls with hammers. Which took four hours and he paid each person $10 per hour, which cost him $440.

He also bought five wheelbarrows to deliver the pennies. The wheelbarrows cost $400. bringing his expenses to $840


He also paid $165 for the three lawsuits, which means he spent $1,005 to get 10 phone numbers and the satisfaction of delivering 300,000 pennies. Not to mention the nearly $3,000 he paid the DMV for his sales tax.

Even crazier, the DMV employees chose to count the coins by hand. They counted the whole business day, and didn’t finish until 1 am the next morning. Stafford stayed at the DMV until the employees had finished counting his payment.


DMV Pennies



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