Richard Nixon alone during TV debate, Oct. 7, 1960 with John F Kennedy. (AP Photo)

With 6 days left in the Obama Administration, America prepares herself for the President Elect, Donald Trump. Are Trump and his cabinet trying to grab America by her genitals? There have been some questionable characters gracing the political stage of Trump’s administration. As we all know, Trump has made money on top of his inherited money from housing and entertainment. Trump has made some odd choices in cabinet picks. He chose, long time establishment democrat (a republican in blue sheets) Steven Mnuchin, as Secretary of Treasury. This is cool and all, having a bank CEO run the U.S.’s currency. The problem with this, how many Americans complain about banks today? Americans complain that banks are taking advantage of the people-(banks) which were bailed out by the Obama Administration in the last regime. Banks like the Bank of America  are actually still partially owned by the U.S. government, due to the mismanagement of funds by banking CEO’s capitalizing on the middle and lower classes. What I am asking is, who will partially own part of the U.S. once this administration is done playing in America’s cookie jar? Will Russia get Alaska, will Japan finally have Hawaii, or will Texas finally go back to Mexico? Who knows?

Another odd choice, Dr. Ben Carson as HUD executive and Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services. I have no issues with these guys being in the administration. Dr. Carson -the mumbling token character, is celebrated in the Western world for his skills as a surgeon. Shouldn’t he be the Secretary of Health and Human Services, doesn’t that just make more sense? Yet, he is the HUD executive. Tom Price , is not a doctor, he specializes in housing and urban planning.  He could have switched the two, and been perfectly okay . Is he (Mr. Trump)  attempting to use his influence over Carson to gain money for his businesses, which deals with housing and land management?

There is another fellow in the mix, personally this guy is charismatic to say the least, Rudy Giuliani. The former New York Mayor is the head of cyber security. I personally like the soft plush ball of Italian minced meat, even if he does have it out for Latinos, Irishmen, Blacks, and even his fellow Sopranos. What will he be doing as head of cyber security? Also, why do I feel my late night phone browsing (you know what I’m talking about) will be censored? No more snot socks casually rolled under the bed, I guess. No seriously, will he stop the supposed Chinese and Russian hacking?

The Secretary of State position was given to Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson. For some reason this guy screams Secretary of Energy. Even though the oil and energy manager is in a position that would  help push America’s oil wars and tap into Russia’s mass deposits of oil through trade deals, he may actually have America’s best interest in mind- maybe, ehh. Really I mean, an oil tycoon who has the interest of energy companies at heart. Not saying Trump’s setting up a weird house of cards, but I feel like I’ll be living as an extra in a Netflix series. This series will involve a revisionist retelling of Watergate and the early Reagan years. What will this show be called? There are many phrases that come to mind, some that can not be mentioned in this esteemed newspaper.


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