Senator Cory Booker, the Senator from New Jersey and Congressional Black Caucus member, is one of the forerunners for the 2020 Presidential Election. As a former Mayor Booker of Newark, he is well versed in handling issues that pertain to low income and ethnically mixed communities.

The median household income of Newark, N.J. is around 34,000 dollars well below the national poverty line 40,000 dollars. The community he served as of recent has 48 percent of its residents who identify as Black or African American, 35 percent who identify as Hispanic, and 10 percent who identify as white. Throughout his tenure as mayor, he boasted through his website, that Newark enjoyed a substantial growth rate in economy, decreased in crime, and increased education. He claims to be a man of the people, making sure that he fights for social and judicial justice where he can.

He openly encourages the deregulation of marijuana laws and crimes, even supports research for medical marijuana usage. However, it is strange that he would vote against a bill that would allow Canadian drugs (medical supplies) to be cheaply purchased in  U.S. pharmacies.

Canada, a U.S. ally and a first world nation, is often praised for cheap drugs that are just over the borders of Michigan, New York, and Washington. It is also praised for its national healthcare system. Senator Booker voted against importing Canadian drugs which would lower prescription costs for millions of sick Americans- what?!

He was mayor of a city that probably could have benefited from the reduction of drug costs, especially considering that African Americans have some of the highest rates of prescription conditions in the nation, along with the lowest incomes in the nation. However, he did attempt to cover it by claiming research needs to be done by the Federal Food and Drug Administration to make sure these drugs are safe. Yes, Canadian drugs need testing, to be considered safe. Canadian drugs, its Canada, America’s overly friendly cousin from the rich part of town. Yet, do not let that deter you from supporting this amazing young man. He is a mature person who is handling his personal life so well that people have to guess who he is behind closed doors. Enough with the jokes, he is also a leader in prison justice reform. He has spoken out against an amendment that would change the structure of the minimum sentence for certain crimes, which would likely hinder young men, African Americans, and other minority groups who often make mistakes. So the question is, who is Senator Booker? Well in Trump’s America let’s hope he’s a voice of reason who will fight for the lower and middle class people who elected him to office as a U.S. Senator.  Senator Booker has the ability to make a change that we can believe in. Lets hope he is not bought out by American companies and becomes a token by 2020.


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