It isn’t everyday you hear a miracle story. Kemiyah Mobley was taken from a hospital in Florida soon after her birth, the incident occurred in 1998.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Gloria Williams, the abductor and suspect in the crime spent 14 hours looking all over the hospital for Sharara Mobley’s baby. She then spent 5 hours with the mother and child before before saying the baby was suffering from a fever, and needed to be checked out. Then she wrapped the baby in a white blanket and walked right past the grandmother, with the baby in her arms, on her way out of the hospital.

The entire incident was captured on video, but the footage was too blurry to provide assistance to law enforcement.

The Times-Union spoke with the mother, Sharara Mobley, on the 10th anniversary of Kamiyah Mobley’s disappearance. When asked how she was dealing with the kidnapping, she said: “to wake up every day knowing that your child is out there, and you have no way to reach her.”

Kemiyah was found in Walterboro, South Carolina, about 50 miles west of Charleston.

She has been returned to her birth family.


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