How to be happy? No, seriously-how?  Right now everyone is claiming that happiness depends on materials and property. It depends on the way we look, the way we dress, the way we perceive ourselves. We forget that happiness isn’t some distant idea that is imagined in fairy tales and children movies. When we look into the mirror we may see ourselves for what people see us as. Some may look in the mirror and see an over weight, out of shape individual, others may look into the mirror and see charcoal skin and thick lips. Who is to say that happiness depends on the image that others perceive? There are people who could be happy, but refuse to let themselves feel their heartbeat. Happiness isn’t how much we own or how large or small our body parts are, it is an emotion- no a lifestyle. Happiness is not looking into the mirror and wondering what color best enhances your tan, brown, white, or black features. Happiness is waking up the morning taking a deep breath and realizing that you have an awesomeness about yourself that can not be recreated. Happiness is part of the memories that are tender and clear. The flickers in time when you genially laughed at yourself or with friends/ family over a pleasant awkward moment. Happiness is realizing that there is a child, dog, cat or partner who glows when they see your face. Remember,  “everybody somebody’s everything, no body’s nothing”- Chance the Rapper, you may make someone feel like the luckiest person in the world just from knowing you. You could make someone the happiest person in the world with just the flash of your beautiful smile. People, achievements, relationships, and realizing life is a gift are all parts of happiness- not materials or manufactured body images. So the question isn’t how to be happy but rather do you choose to be happy? Right now I challenge you to be happy. I challenge you to not look in the mirror or at your material wealth but look inside your heart. Seek your soul, your heart, and yourself to help you determine happiness. Once you realize that happiness is guided by a choice, your own choice, you can feed happiness and optimism to the citizens of your world. SMILE GORGEOUS, YOU’RE AMAZING!


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