Boost Mobile stores in Montgomery have been experiencing a spike in break-ins over the past few months. All the Boost Mobile stores inside the city have recently been burglarized, with some burglarized multiple times.

The West Fairview store was targeted, the store on the Coliseum Boulevard was broken into as well, twice. The store on Federal Drive was burglarized as well, with thousands of dollars in merchandise stolen.

When asked for comment, Nikki Brosius, a spokesman for Boost Mobile said: “Over the course of two months, we have had all three of our stores broken into a total of four times. They’re coming in through busted glass on the windows and they’re taking phones and Bluetooth and things of that nature. We’ve been open since Sept 30 at all three locations. We’re averaging every other week that the stores are getting broken into.”

The suspects may think they can make easy money selling the stolen phones on the street, but they won’t be able to outsmart technology.

“A cell phone store looks like a good target because they think they can take the cell phones and just sell them out on the street but what they don’t realize is that each phone has a unique ESN. By the ESN, we can track the phone so whoever buys the phones or takes them when they get them activated, we can track them down to the location where they activated them,” Brosius explained.

Officials do not think the break-ins are connected, or that the robberies were done by the same suspects; but they are offering a $1000 reward to anyone who can provide information about the burglaries that leads to an arrest.

Anyone with any information on the burglaries is asked to call Central Alabama CrimeStoppers at 215-STOP.


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