Is a dysfunctional nation, a dubious president, and an obscure small-town college the Next Frontier for a country raging verbal civil war?

President elect Donald Trump earlier this week sent an invitation to Alabama’s oldest historically Black college to march at the upcoming Inauguration.

Talladega college is considering preforming, while other academic institutions and artists have declined the offer such as Howard university, Elton John, Celine Dion and The Chain-smokers.

Talladega College was founded in November 20, 1865 by two former slaves, William Savery and Thomas Tarrant.

Graduates of the famous institution have voiced tremendous concern over the possible acceptance of this invitation.

Shirley Ferrill of Fairfield, Alabama, a member of Talladega’s Class of 1974 said: “I don’t want my alma mater to give the appearance of supporting him,” Ferrill said of Trump on Monday. “Ignore, decline or whatever, but please don’t send our band out in our name to do that.”

Moreover, with the Talladega College decision still looming in the balance, where should they look to guide their choice in the matter?

Loking at their mission statement, the answer is clear.

Talladega College is an institution rich in history, whose mission is to equip its graduates for the global community, through academic excellence, moral values, community service and professional development.

Ultimately, the final decision rests with the staff and faculty but in keeping with their mission statement a choice must be made. And that choice, whatever it is, it must lead to a stronger and more united nation.



  1. Obama was in all essence anti- Christian (e.g., supported: homosexuality, abortion, and Islamic beliefs), yet Christians performed at, and attended, his inauguration. So why is it anymore wrong for a black college to perform at Trump’s inauguration? Maybe my point-of-view is flawed. But then again, maybe it ain’t.


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