Angry Preschool Parents beat pedophile to death.

Marcelo Fabian Pecollo was a music teacher and trumpeter. He was arrested in 2007 for molesting a 4 year old child. After he was arrested, six more cases of abuse came to light; five of the six cases went to court. Marcelo was found guilty in 2010, and was sentenced to 30 years in prison, but due to a sentence reduction, he was released in 2014; after only serving 4 years behind bars.

Finally, on October 30th, the trumpeter was performing in a cathedral near Buenos Aires when parents rushed in yelling: “There is a pedophile and a rapist in the church and he is playing in this orchestra.”

Pecollo began to run away, but the group caught up with him and began beating him, one parent even began to beat him using his own trumpet.

“When I arrived, those people were leaving,” priest Jorge Oesterheld told local media. “He was in a very, very bad way, until the police and ambulance arrived. He was in a coma and died on Friday.”

The priest also criticized the attackers.

“They say they took justice into their own hands, but it was revenge, it was murder.”

What do you think? Justice or murder?



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