This season, several ministries within our city are teaming up in an effort to show what Christmas is really about.

Pastor Lale’Tia Hale is spearheading the effort, teaming up with fellow church leaders all over the city  in an effort to help as many people as possible, for the glory of Christ. Hale recently relocated his church, True Church of God Love and Faith Ministry to the West side of the city, because he wants to show those involved in crime, a better way to live.

“We have to do good more often. We have to do good because of the communities being so broken and in a cultural backside, cultural decline. We have to be able to reach out and help some of that and strengthen some of that. We need to take some of the stigma and stereotypes off of communities like the area we’re in here. People don’t really see that good can come out of this,” Hale said.

Hale is hosting a four day event, starting next Wednesday to help those in need and share the gospel with those in need of healing.

“We want to just draw people at this event to know that we can come together as a people, church, and community to do better and to make changes for our community,” He explained.”

Here is a full list of the events:

Dec 21-Food giveaway 2-5pm (3808 South Court Street)

Dec 22- Shoe Giveaway (new & used) 2-5pm (3808 South Court Street)

Dec 23- Clothing giveaway (new & used) 2-5pm (3808 South Court Street)

Dec 24- Christmas Eve Celebration 5pm (Elations Events, 165 Eastern Blvd at Atlanta Crossing)

The event is free and open to the public, however donations and volunteers are needed and would be greatly appreciated.

Please call Pastor Hale at 334-657-2186 for more information.


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