More people died from Heroin overdoses than gun homicides in 2015

The center for disease control just released data showing that more Americans died from over ingesting heroin than from gun violence last year. Eight years ago, deaths from gun homicides outnumbered deaths from heroin overdose almost 5 to 1. Yet tragically, last year, a spike in  drug overdoses caused deaths from heroin to slightly outnumber the number of deaths due to gun violence.imrs

Here at The Insider, we believe the solution is better and more accurate education about the effects and consequences of illegal drug use. The media has recently begun to glorify drug use, and has lead us to be lax in our attitudes towards hard drugs and those who sell them.

The facts are: Illegal drugs are poisons, they kill. They separate fathers and mothers from children, and children from parents long before their time is up. It is not “cool,” it is deadly, and until our perceptions of these poisons change, the death rate will not.


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